Earth Journalism Network Partners with The Scotsman to Amplify Journalists’ Coverage of the COP26 UN Climate Change Summit

Internews’ Earth Journalism Network has partnered with The Scotsman, Scotland’s national newspaper, ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), taking place in Glasgow this year.

Earth Journalism Network & The Scotsman

The Earth Journalism Network (EJN), an Internews project, enables journalists – particularly those from low- and middle-income countries — to improve the quantity and quality of climate and environmental coverage, amplifying the voices of communities across the globe whose environmental concerns receive little to no coverage in their national media.

The upcoming UN Climate Summit is considered particularly crucial because countries are slated to increase their ambition for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for causing climate change.

But it has also been criticized for being less inclusive because many journalists and other delegates from lower income countries will struggle to attend – not just for the usual financial reasons, but also because of all COVID-related restrictions on travel.