Climate Journalism – Demanding Environmental Accountability Around the Globe

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EDT

As science, politics and actions surrounding climate stewardship evolve, so does the role of journalists and the impact of climate media. Climate media has become a critical component to achieving environmental stability, from holding polluters accountable to aligning real-time coverage of the effects of climate change with proposed policy reforms.

This month, Jodie Ginsberg, Internews CEO Europe, will interview journalist and Internews Fellow Fredrick Mugira to explore the changing roles of climate journalists and the impact of climate media. Mr. Mugira is Water Journalists Africa’s Founder and Managing Director and is an award-winning water and climate change journalist. 

Turn the Mic Around: Conversations with Journalists & Technologists on the Frontlines. Join us each month as we go behind-the-scenes exploring stories from journalists operating in conflict zones, emerging democracies, and humanitarian crises as they deliver trustworthy information to communities that need it most. 

These conversations are worthy of your time, and we’ll keep them short: A 15-minute interview with 15 minutes for you to ask questions.


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