Do Humanitarians Trust People? Two-way communication, One-way trust

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm UTC

The humanitarian imperative is built on trust. With growing pushes towards the decolonisation of the sector and an understanding that our work cannot be successful without earning the trust of the communities we work with – we ask the question, ‘Do we give what we get?’

Do we genuinely trust crisis affected communities to know what is best for themselves? How genuine are we about giving communities a voice in the decisions that affect their lives?

Join Internews and our panelists for a moderated discussion to explore how trust – or the lack of it – is impacting our sector today.


  • Ben Parker – Senior Editor, The New Humanitarian
  • Indu Nepal – Community Engagement Advisor, ICRC
  • Salma Amin – Co-founder, ANDARIYA
  • Layal Bahnam – Program Manager, Maharat Foundation