Helping Journalists Translate Vaccine Science, Turn the Mic Around

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EST

Dr. Jaya Shreedhar, Health Journalist, Chennai, India in conversation with Jeanne Bourgault, Internews CEO

Vaccines have become a topic of household conversation. Far too common though, these conversations are ripe with mis/disinformation and often revolve around opinions instead of actual science. In an environment where rumors can easily become strongly held opinions, journalists are needed to translate vaccine science in ways that answer their questions and addresses their doubts.

Our guest this month is Dr. Jaya Shreedhar, a doctor-turned journalist based in Chennai, India, and co-author of “Let’s Talk Vaccines”, an online course that helps journalists navigate ongoing developments in the vaccine story and helps to translate science into compelling journalism. She will be interviewed by Jeanne Bourgault, Internews’ CEO.

Turn the Mic Around: Conversations with Journalists & Technologists on the Frontlines. Join us each month as we go behind-the-scenes exploring stories from journalists operating in conflict zones, emerging democracies, and humanitarian crises as they deliver trustworthy information to communities that need it most.

These conversations are worthy of your time, and we’ll keep them short: A 15-minute interview with 15 minutes for you to ask questions.


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