Internews Europe is starting to publish project data according to IATI Standards and will be shortly issuing an Open Data Policy, of which the Exclusion Policy published below will be a part.

Internews Europe (IEU) is committed to gradually embracing the principle of full transparency on its project and programmes implemented through publishing information on those using the IATI Standards. In future, as we increase our internal capacity for full data publication, we hope to publish data all our grants and contracts in a transparent way through IATI. As a first step we are releasing data on projects funded through the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This will take effect from September 2016.

1. General principles for exclusion

We do not disclose everything as some things are confidential. Examples are as follows:

  • Information the disclosure of which would compromise the safety or security of our staff, partners or partners’ staff, vendors or beneficiaries
  • Information the disclosure of which negatively affect relations of Internews Europe or of partner organizations with other stakeholders
  • Information that breaks confidentiality agreements with our implementation partners, vendors, or other third party;
  • Specific personal information of individual staff and/or partners (e.g. names, addresses), the disclosure of which would jeopardize the privacy of the interested parties
  • Commercially sensitive financial information (salaries, consultant fees, etc.);
  • Any information that, if disclosed, could compromise the integrity of Internews Europe, its reputation, or its strategic interests
  • Information that is exempt under data protection laws, non-disclosure law, copyright law, or other laws and regulations (which can be national or donor specific)

2. How the exclusion policy is applied by IEU?

If we choose not to report on a project, we will still provide information on the project on Aidstream, such as an activity identifier and the total commitments for the project.

If, as per the general principles for exclusion defined above, we exclude some information when publishing the data on a project/programme, the process of excluding the data will be administered by a designated Programme Officer who will have the responsibility for preparation of the data prior to its publication.

To ensure that information is rightly excluded from the open policy; the direct manager with who has the ‘publisher’ status will review the data and approve the exemptions made, and he/she will do so prior to the publication of the data online.

3. Access to the exclusion policy

This exclusion policy is intended to be fully transparent and therefore is openly published on our website.

4. Review of exclusion policy

The exclusion policy will be reviewed and if necessary adjusted on an annual basis. The policy review will also contain a review of the data excluded from the publication. This will allow a secondary check of the correct and proportionate application of the exclusion policy.

Please contact us if you require further details: [email protected]