Fighting an “Infodemic” about the COVID-19 (Corona virus) Outbreak

A US State Department investigation found that close to 2 million tweets spread conspiracy theories about COVID-19 (corona virus) over a three-week period in January and February when the virus began to spread. The report, which has not been publicly released, focused on countries excluding the United States.

An Internews partner in the Philippines – VERA Files – is attempting to raise awareness and counteract this “infodemic” by posting a series of videos on social media.

The first video encourages people to verify before sharing information on COVID-19:

The second video covers two cases of disinformation about COVID-19 in the Philippines:

The third video gives information about how to protect yourself from the virus:

As part of Internews’ Initiative for Media Freedom, supported by USAID, VERA Files and LYF have worked together to develop the videos.