Finalists Selected for The Trinity Challenge

An independent panel of expert judges from global health, business, academia and the social sector have announced the final 16 contestants in The Trinity Challenge.

With governments and health leaders across the world focused on responding to the current crisis, many are also looking to strengthen public health systems to do better against COVID-19 and future pandemics. The Trinity Challenge  is an effort to uncover, elevate, and support ideas from the world’s best and brightest minds and global organizations to better protect the world against future health emergencies. Internews is a Founding Member of the Trinity Challenge.

The Challenge applicants come from 61 countries and have leveraged data and analytics in novel ways, for pandemic preparedness and response. The winners will be announced at a live streamed Awards Ceremony on June 25, with awards from a £6 million prize fund.

The prize money is vitally important to the development of the winning solutions, however it is far from the only outcome of The Trinity Challenge. The challenge’s main contribution to global health has been the connecting of small teams with the world’s largest businesses, academic institutions and charitable organizations from across the world, brought together in one global challenge.

The 16 finalists use innovations across modern data and advanced analytics, to start solving practical problems that have cost so many lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 16 Finalists’ Proposals (See more details)

  1. Mosquito-borne diseases prevention and control using AI & sensors
  2. PODD: Participatory One Health Disease Detection
  3. Fine-Scale Risk Mapping to Identify and Disrupt Viral Spillover
  4. The Sentinel Forecasting System for Infectious Disease Risk
  5. MedShr Insights and Early Warning System
  6. Disease Surveillance with Multi-modal Sensor Network & Data Analytics
  7. Connected Diagnostics for Early Warning of Disease Outbreaks
  8. Blood Counts!
  9. REDASA: REaltime DAta Synthesis and Analysis INFODEMIC
  10. Digital Diagnostics for Epidemic Preparedness in Africa
  11. BIOGEM: Biosurveillance via ImmunOlogical, Genomic and Epidemiological Models
  12. CrisisReady: digital data for emergency response
  13. Supporting Digitally Enabled CHWs to Strengthen Health Systems
  14. Khushi Health: Data-Driven Response to COVID-19 in India
  15. Striata: Command Center for predictive distribution
  16. VaccineLedger: Ensure quality and safety of the vaccines

“We have been looking for solutions from anyone, anywhere around the globe that would use data and analytics in a new and different way to identify, respond to and recover from disease outbreaks, with the potential to become an epidemic or a pandemic to help those in the global south and north,” said Chair of The Trinity Challenge, Dame Sally Davies.

“The response we have received has been overwhelming. It delivers on our members’ early vision, that a smarter, more cross-sectoral approach to data and analytics is key to building an effective, affordable and scalable response to the threat of infectious diseases.”

—Dame Sally Davies

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