Google Selects Ads for News to Help Brands Tap Trusted Local News Outlets Globally

New Google Auction Package Makes It Easier for Brands and Agencies to Place Ads in Trusted Local News Outlets

Google has created an official Auction Package for Ads for News, which allows advertising agencies and brands to seamlessly place ads in trusted local websites, which are often left out of digital advertising.  

“In many markets local news faces extinction. This new Auction Package is one way to help reverse the trend and help brand advertisers at the same time,” said Jason Lambert, Internews’ Senior Director of Media Business and the manager of Ads for News.  

The new Ads for News Auction Package offers a curated portfolio of 3,000 trusted local news websites across 30 countries, with a weekly reach of 33 billion impressions, including in some of the world’s fastest growing markets like, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. These news websites are screened by local partners to exclude disinformation and fake news that can harm brand credibility. 

By dedicating a portion of programmatic ad spend to local news sites, brands receive a proven brand trust halo from advertising with trusted news brands, along with higher engagement and conversion rates. Their spending is also recognized as socially impactful because it bolsters local news that provides access to culturally relevant information and holds power to account. 

“For ad buyers, this isn’t charity, it’s smart business,” said Lambert. “Consumers are more likely to trust local news venues. That trust and credibility transfers to the brands that advertise in these venues.”  


Ads for News is a project of Internews, a nonprofit that supports media in 100 countries, and is supported by the World Economic ForumGroupM, and OMD. Ads for News is a finalist in Fast Company’s 2021 World-Changing Ideas awards.