Internews has developed a humanitarian learning collection based on its experience supporting local media for displaced communities and refugees in South Sudan.

Boda Boda Talk Talk

The Boda Boda Talk Talk Module describes the hyperlocal humanitarian information service that has operated in five United Nations Protection of Civilians Sites (PoCs) across the country. It contains a detailed “how-to guide” for establishing a similar project in any location.

Radio Distribution

The Radio Distribution Module talks about the need to distribute radios to facilitate information access in South Sudan, and provides background and guidance for distributing radios to displaced populations.

Listening Groups

The Listening Groups Module explains how humanitarian teams engage with Listening Groups as a tool for two-way conversations with communities, promoting accountability within the humanitarian sector, and continually adapting and improving programs.

Humanitarian Radio

The Humanitarian Radio Module explains how humanitarian radio stations become vital resources for crisis-affected communities and humanitarian responders. It includes a detailed step-by-step methodology for establishing, equipping, running, and closing down a humanitarian radio station.