Internews’ Europe Chief Executive Jodie Ginsberg moves to Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

Internews, a nonprofit that supports independent media in 100 countries, today announced that Internews Europe CEO Jodie Ginsberg will be stepping down in March 2022 to take up the position of President of the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a leading press freedom organisation that defends the rights of journalists.

Jeanne Bourgault, President and Chief Executive at Internews, said:

“While we will miss her dearly, Internews could not be prouder that Jodie Ginsberg, our CEO in Europe, is taking the leadership position with the Committee to Protect Journalists.

“In this role, we will be able to continue to work in partnership to advance to cause of independent media globally. During her tenure with Internews Europe, Jodie’s natural leadership successfully guided the organization through unprecedented growth during unprecedented times.”

Jodie was appointed as CEO of Internews Europe in March 2020 and has led the organisation during a time of rapid growth that coincided with dramatic shifts in work norms as a result the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jodie was responsible for the creation of Internews’ Information Saves Lives Rapid Response Fund, for which she also secured funding, just weeks after joining the organization.

The fund attracted some 1,000 applications and went on to provide more than 180 grants to applicants in more than 40 countries, helping to provide content for marginalised communities who faced language barriers, stigma, or other obstacles to receiving information about COVID. 

Jodie will take up her new post at CPJ later in the year, relocating to the United States from the United Kingdom. Internews will begin the process of recruiting for its new Europe CEO shortly.


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