Internews Europe events shine light on Russian propaganda in Central Asia

EU-funded Internews Europe project ‘REVIVE’ hosts series of events on Russian propaganda and disinformation campaigns.

LONDON, BRUSSELS – A two-day series of events begins in Brussels today to explore how mis- and disinformation are affecting countries in Central Asia (CA). The events, organized by Internews Europe, highlight the work of the “Resilience and Engagement with Varied Information for a Vibrant Environment (REVIVE)” project funded by the European Union.  

The series begins with a keynote speech from Meera Selva, Chief Executive of Internews Europe, at the European Parliament titled: “Understanding the Threat: Russian Propaganda and Disinformation Campaigns.” This will be directly followed by a roundtable discussion with expert and local views on countering Russian propaganda in CA.

Ahead of her keynote speech at the European Parliament, Meera said: “People become far more interested in news during times of political turmoil and it is vital that they have access to independent, locally produced news that they trust. Internews helps communities access the information they need, in the languages they speak, to make informed decisions about their lives and this project is an important part of that work.”

Events will continue 20th September with a screening at the Brussels School of Governance of the short feature film Bunker, which explores the impact of propaganda on people who don’t have access to independent media and heavily rely on television as their primary news source. This will be followed in the evening by a screening at Cinema Galleries of the documentary short The Crimean Caravan, which is dedicated to the struggles of the Crimean Tatars who sought asylum in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Propaganda and disinformation can easily be used by a small group of individuals to manipulate an entire nation’s perspective towards another, which can in turn can inspire support for problematic causes,” said Vadim Sadonshoev, Project Director for REVIVE and Europe and Eurasia Programs at Internews, Such actions have the potential to change the course of global history. We must stay vigilant and apply critical thinking in the challenging information environment we are currently experiencing.”

REVIVE seeks to strengthen independent voices in CA through the delivery of quality information, allowing ordinary citizens to make informed decisions and become more resilient to mis- and disinformation. The project is implemented by Internews and focuses on improving journalists’ and content creators’ capacity to safely produce and distribute quality content and improve the media literacy skills of active citizens and young activists.

The project, which began in August 2022, will continue until January 2024.

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