Jamjang FM Covers Day of the African Child Celebrations with Calls to Protect the Rights of Children

Jamjang FM produced eight programs during the observance of the Day of the African Child this June. The programs mobilized the community and raised awareness about children’s’ rights. This year’s theme was “Humanitarian Action in Africa: Children’s Rights First.”

Prior to the celebration, Internews’ humanitarian project manager trained child protection committees on how to communicate with and mobilize their communities. In total, 65 child protection committee members were trained in Ajuong Thok camp in collaboration with Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

In programs produced by Jamjang FM, interviewees reiterated the need to stop all forms of violence against children. Child labor was discouraged, along with early marriage. A call to action was made – encouraging the community to end wrongful practices that harm children and provide them with their full rights including the right to education and care. The programs also highlighted dangers that children face in the community including pools where children drown and markets where girls face the risk of sexual abuse or exploitation.

The LWF team leader said, “I must emphasize that we have a big challenge to protect rights of children.” He also explained that there are challenges – some children are abused or neglected, and early marriage is too common.

A representative of Ajuong Thok camp urged parents to play a role in raising their children. He said that the responsibility for the child is not for the organizations, but the sole responsibility of the parents. He warned parents about the dangers of sending children to work at the market – encouraging parents to prevent exploitation and dropping out of school.  He called on parents to act and collaborate to protect their children’s rights saying, “our call for action……to safeguard children against all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation.”

Jamjang, Internews’ Humanitarian Information Service (HIS) implements a program to increase information sharing. Jamjang is part of the HIS, supported by the Department of State – United States of America, which is implemented by Internews. Activities include operating Jamjang FM, a community-run humanitarian radio station in Ajuong Thok, conducting listening groups to gather feedback and actively engaging with the humanitarian community to share data.

(Banner photo: Jamjang FM correspondent interviews participants during the Day of the African Child. Credit: Internews)