New Research Identifies Holistic Solution to Existential Challenges Facing Independent Media

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WASHINGTON, DC – A new research report commissioned by Internews and authored by Dr. Courtney Radsch suggests a holistic set of solutions to the existential challenges threatening independent media worldwide. 

The report, titled URGENT: Understanding and Responding to Global News Threats, is available below:

“The needs of independent media and journalists have evolved alongside the dynamics that threaten their survival,” said Dr. Radsch. “If we are to protect independent media and preserve their role as stalwarts of democracy worldwide, we need bold strategies that address their urgent financial and infrastructural needs.” 

URGENT’s recommendations are based on interviews and surveys with journalists working in contexts where pressure is building, where a recent crisis has upended the media sector, and where media professionals have been forced into exile. Interviewees have emphasized, among other factors, the need for physical, digital, legal, and psychosocial support; more flexible and sustainable funding models to increase the resilience of independent news outlets; and better access to data analytics and tech expertise to improve their ability to connect with evolving audiences.  

The report underscores the need for a holistic approach that, in addition to bridging financial and technical gaps for struggling media outlets, facilitates collaborative strategic programming and advocacy.  

URGENT: Understanding and Responding to Global News Threats was first distributed on the occasion of the 2023 Summit for Democracy on March 29-30. The report is now available for download on Internews’ website at this link

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