A Note on COVID-19, Updates on Increasing Gender Diversity and Lessons from Field Reporting

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A Note from EJN on COVID-19

Like virtually everyone else these days, we at EJN have seen our work and personal lives greatly disrupted by the growing outbreak of the novel coronavirus. We realize it’s a trying time for everyone, particularly journalists who are trying to cover developments in an informed and accurate way. And while it is requiring us to re-think many of our current activities, like any major crisis, it also presents some opportunities. Read more>>

Mesoamerican Reef Reporting Project Showcases Original Reporting on Marine Issues

In mid-2019, EJN launched the Mesoamerican Reef Reporting Project to increase and improve news coverage on the health of a reef system that stretches more than 1,000 kilometers along the coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Over the nine months of this project, we hosted two media workshops – training a total of 28 journalists – and provided 10 reporters with small reporting grants and mentorship. Here is a summary of many of those stories. Read more>>

India Workshop Highlights Value of On-the-Ground Resilience Reporting

Now in its third year, EJN’s Bay of Bengal project aims to enhance the ability of coastal populations in Bangladesh and eastern India to cope with climate change impacts. And one of the best ways to do that is to bring together interested journalists with communities and experts in the coastal regions through workshops like our latest in Kakinada, India. Read more>>

New Handbook, EJN Tracker Aim to Increase Women’s Voices in the News

Globally, only 24 percent of the people heard, seen or read about in the news are women, despite the fact that women make up roughly half the world’s population. To respond to that shortfall, Internews’ United for News coalition created a digital handbook aimed at helping newsrooms and reporters include more authoritative, diverse female sources in their stories, while a pilot initiative by EJN is analyzing how women are included as sources and how we can help diversify those voices. Read more>>

13 Organizations Awarded EJN Asia-Pacific Media Grants For 2020

Late last year, EJN called on journalist networks, media outlets, civil society organizations and academic institutions across the Asia-Pacific region to submit proposals for activities that would strengthen the resources of local journalists and content providers, build environmental reporting partnerships and networks and support innovations around environmental news coverage. Here’s a breakdown of the ideas put forth by the 13 organizations we selected to support. Read more>>

Mekong Field Reporting Trips Expose the Impact of Mega-Infrastructure Projects

Mega-infrastructure projects across Southeast Asia, many of them supported as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, are having a profound impact on the livelihoods and environments of communities across the region. To explore what those impacts mean, EJN partnered with the Thai Society of Environmental Journalists to conduct field reporting trips for journalists to report on transboundary developments along the southern economic corridor of the Mekong region. Read more>>