Amanda Fagerblom

Senior Program Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean


As Senior Program Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, Amanda manages projects empowering human rights defenders and independent journalists to increase access to information, remain safe online, protect a free and open internet, and combat disinformation, particularly among marginalized communities and in closed spaces.

Prior to joining Internews, Amanda served seven years in the U.S. government at the Inter-American Foundation where she spearheaded the build of an online information-sharing platform with Latin American and Caribbean grassroots partner organizations representing under and unconnected communities. In this position, she also managed partnerships and led initiatives on topics related to community radio, chronic violence, and civic engagement. Previously, Amanda served the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General mediating citizen disputes with companies on issues related to telecommunications. Her experience includes volunteer work to support Latina victims of domestic abuse in Minneapolis and an internship at the Organization of American States. Amanda holds a Master’s in International Relations from the University of Westminster (UK) and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Spanish Studies from the University of Minnesota (U.S.).