Carolyn Powers

Director, US Programs


Carolyn Powers is Director of US Programs at Internews and leads the operational and strategic direction of Internews’ US based work, including Internews’ signature program, the Listening Post Collective, an initiative that partners with people and organizations to develop local news and information solutions that help communities thrive. In 2013, Powers helped establish Internews’ first program in the United States, Listening Post New Orleans. In 2017, Powers co-founded the Listening Post Collective, expanding its work to support over 85 partners across the country.

Prior to launching Internews’ US Programs department, Carolyn supported Internews internationally and served as Program Officer for Internews’ humanitarian, gender, health, and environmental programs, as well as Program Associate for the office of the President where she helped manage and oversee Internews’ organizational and Board related priorities. Carolyn is inspired by LPC’s incredible partners and excited by the growing opportunities for media justice and change.

Carolyn is a graduate of Stonehill College and lives in Washington, DC.