David Hoffman

President Emeritus/Founder


Board Member

David Hoffman is the President Emeritus and Founder of Internews, a global non-profit organization that fosters independent media and access to information worldwide. Internews was co-founded by Hoffman in 1982.

Hoffman has written widely about media and democracy, the Internet, and the importance of supporting pluralistic, local media around the world. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Foreign Affairs, The Christian Science Monitor, and The San Francisco Chronicle. He has also testified before US House and Senate committees on issues of press freedom and access to information.

Hoffman was a founder of and serves as Chairman Emeritus of the Global Forum for Media Development, a cross-sector initiative of more than 500 leading media assistance organizations from over 100 countries. GFMD works to develop and strengthen independent media around the world that are both responsive to, and reflective of, the needs of ordinary people.

From 1987-1990, Hoffman was project director of the television series Capital to Capital for which he won an Emmy Award. Capital to Capital was produced in association with ABC News and Soviet State Television. He was also project director for Internews’ broadcasts of the proceedings of the War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, for which Internews was awarded the European Commission’s ECHO Award for Broadcast Commitment in 1996.

From 1980-1982 Hoffman was the editor of Evolutionary Blues, a journal of political thought on international conflict, the threat of nuclear war, and US-Soviet relations.

Hoffman has a BA in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University and has completed doctoral work at the University of Colorado in the Social and Intellectual History of the United States.