Gary Garriott

Director of ICT Programs


Gary Garriott has been involved in the intersection of international development and technology since 1969. He is currently Director of ICT Programs at Internews.

In previous roles as the  head of Digital Futures for Development Program at Winrock International, Director of Informatics at VITA, and UNDP’s ICTD Policy Adviser for Latin America/Caribbean,  Garriott has worked on the role of ICTs in development, human rights, training and employment opportunities for women and girls, education and outreach, Internet policy and legislation support.

In the 1990s he spearheaded a program to provide email services to remote areas using low-orbiting satellites. He has experience managing complex grants with staff and partners in multiple locations, including innovative multi-stakeholder projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As a consultant to USAID, the United Nations (UNDP, UNICEF) and NGOs, Garriott has extensive experience building strategic partnerships. Garriott is based in Washington, DC.