Melody Patry

Senior Director, Technology, Media & Democracy

Melody Patry is Internews’ Senior Director, Technology, Media & Democracy, serving as a global expert on the role of information in expanding democracy and human rights, countering digital authoritarianism, and addressing mis- and disinformation. She leads a team of advisors to advance our work in specific areas of focus, including corporate platform accountability, digital threats and safety, and gender.

Mélody has been working at the intersection of human rights and emerging technologies for the past 10 years. Prior to joining Internews, she worked at Access Now where, as Advocacy Director, she led on developing the global advocacy strategies and partnerships needed to protect the internet and those who use it. Mélody is a dedicated advocate for media freedom as a pillar of any functioning democracy and serves on the board of the Guardian Foundation.

Melody holds an MA in International Security from Sciences Po Paris and a BA in Law and Political Science from Lille II University. She is based in London.