Shelley Rubin

Shelley Rubin


The Rubin Museum of Art

Shelley Rubin is the Co-founder and Chair of the Rubin Museum of Art. Her and her husband Donald Rubin’s joint passion for Himalayan art led to their decision to create the Rubin Museum, which opened in 2004.

A philanthropist and cultural leader who believes that art and cultural enrichment have the power to change lives in straightforward, practical ways, Ms. Rubin created A Blade of Grass (ABOG) in 2011 to provide resources to artists who demonstrate artistic excellence and serve as innovative conduits for social change. ABOG seeks to expand the relationship between art and life and create new audiences for art.

Ms. Rubin is Co-Chair of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation which believes in art as a cornerstone of cohesive, resilient communities and greater participation in civic life. The Foundation supports arts and cultural organizations through grants to catalyze collective action, promote equality, contribute to advocacy and policy change and develop capacity for greater civic engagement.

She is a Board Member of Human Rights Watch, Life Trustee of Thirteen/WNET, Trustee Emeritus of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center and an Honorary Board Member of the Interfaith Center of New York.