Radios Provide Essential Information to People Displaced by Conflict in Malakal

Marking World Radio Day on February 13, USAID media development partner Internews distributed 35 solar-powered wind-up radios to radio listener clubs in the Malakal Protection of Civilians (PoC) site, which houses people who have been displaced by conflict.

USAID supports Nile FM radio station, which broadcasts humanitarian information to the PoC site and the Malakal area.

A man hands a radio to a young girl
USAID media development partner Internews’ Chief of Party in South Sudan, Charles Haskins (center), hands over a solar-powered, wind-up radio to a child in the Protection of Civilians site in Malakal. Photo: Internews

“Nile FM has contributed in making peace and exchange visits between PoC and Malakal town communities. Nile FM has helped us to live together and avoid hate speech,” said a 43-year-old woman living in the PoC site.

Radio is the primary and most trusted source of information in South Sudan. USAID supports Eye Radio in Juba, which reaches many parts of South Sudan; community radio stations, which reach people in local languages; and a humanitarian information service, which reaches people displaced by conflict who live in PoC sites on United Nations compounds.

Radio provides citizens essential information, including about the peace process, humanitarian crisis, and development issues in South Sudan, and promotes peaceful coexistence through dialogue.