A Safe, Sister Space – 25 x 25 Series

An evaluation of the Safe Sisters digital safety training program for women, and case studies from alumni

Research by Neema Iyer

The purpose of this ex-post evaluation is for Internews to understand the impact that Safe Sisters has had on women in East Africa by documenting and publicly sharing their stories and evaluating the training approach itself. As women and girls come online for the first time, they disproportionately face violence, which creates risks to their physical safety and stifles their ability to capture the Internet’s transformative economic and social potential.

Internews, together with partner DefendDefenders — a Uganda-based non-governmental organization (NGO) — developed the Safe Sisters program, a year-long fellowship that provides women human rights defenders and journalists with the techniques and tools they need to navigate online spaces safely, assume informed risks, and take control of their lives in an increasingly digital world.