Biometrics and Digital Identity: Trend Analysis and Comparative Assessment

The “Biometrics and Digital Identity: Trend Analysis and Comparative Assessment” global report is produced by the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT), Strathmore University, under the Greater Internet Freedom (GIF) project implemented by Internews and the GIF Consortium.

It is informed by a trend analysis and comparative assessment performed by the CIPIT based on the reports produced by the GIF Consortium.

The GIF Consortium conducted multi-region research in 27 GIF countries seeking to identify and compare the state of biometrics and digital identity threats, usage, and impact in Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South and Southeast Asia.

This research was guided by three core considerations, including:

  1. Documenting biometrics and digital ID adoption drives by national and international actors
  2. Generating knowledge about biometrics and digital ID systems
  3. Enhancing GIF Partners’ capacity to influence the discourse around digital identity through research-informed input into this critical global discourse