Brazil Digital Threat Landscape: Civil Society & Media

This report was prepared by Internews’ Internet Freedom & Resilience team under a stream of work which strengthens civil society organizations, journalists, and other human rights defenders ability to detect, analyze, and build resilience to digital attacks through localized expertise in threat analysis and incident response.

It is intended to provide an overview of the digital threats faced by civil society and media organizations in Brazil and provide guidance for digital safety experts supporting this community.

This report was written in close collaboration with MariaLab, an independent non-profit association, operating at the intersection of politics, gender, and technology. MariaLab works to value self-care in digital media and take technology to feminist spaces and feminism to technology spaces. MariaLab builds safe virtual and physical environments, with social, ethnic, or economic dimensions – understanding that only in this way can learning be built through exchange and accumulation of knowledge among all.