Improving Environmental Outcomes Through the Media – 25 x 25 Series

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Internews’ Earth Journalism Network was launched in 2003 to support journalists in the majority world to cover the environment more effectively, ensuring they have the skills and resources to report for their local communities but also amplify the voice of those communities in global debates. Its work with people on the climate frontier has only become more important, and it now counts over 20,000 journalists from 180 countries amongst its membership.

EJN is deeply committed to better understanding the results of the support it provides to journalists and media outlets. In 2020, it commissioned a study that aimed to understand whether, how and why EJN’s work contributes to changes in the policies and practices of different actors. It used a case study design which built upon EJN’s existing use of outcome harvesting as a preferred evaluation method. This report summarizes the study’s main findings, insights and recommendations.