Information Ecosystem Assessment of First Time Youth Voters in Myanmar's 2020 Election

This Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) has been conducted to better understand information needs, access, flow and trusted sources of information among First Time Youth Voters (FTVS) of Myanmar who are expected to participate the upcoming general election in November 2020.

3 young people wearing masks hold up phones that say
The number of first-time youth voters in Myanmar is estimated at 5 million. Credit Internews

The findings will also inform political actors, information providers and policy makers of the information ecosystems surrounding FTYV to design suitable programs with the aim to maximize political participation of FTYV across Myanmar.

This assessment’s findings are drawn from a nationwide online survey and in-depth discussions with FTYV in Myanmar about how they get their information, how they engage and share information with their peers and what or who is influencing their choices for the different types of news and information sources.