Internews’ Media-Specific Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)

What is the OCA?

The Media-Specific Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) is a tool that provides quantifiable data about media outlets’ organizational health, business and editorial planning and capabilities, and security and IT preparedness, among other criteria key to an outlet’s development. It can also help establish priority areas for assistance and track and chart achievements over time. The methodology was adapted by Internews from the Seat at the Table (SATT) / Organizational Systems and Standards (OSS) Index[1]  and has been used by Internews globally to support and advance the development of the overall organizational capacities of its media partners.

It evaluates organizational capacity and performance across three main modules – Institutional, Editorial and Technology & Security – each of which includes several components, with each component consisting of a list of relevant thematic indicators. Overall, the 2022 updated Media-Specific OCA includes 3 Modules and 10 components and 40 indicators. The assessment is performed by experienced evaluators who conduct relevant data and document analysis, as well as hold interviews with assessed media outlet staff.

Who Can Be Assessed Using This Tool?

The media-specific OCA was designed to reflect, as best as possible, the “universal” capacity needs and development goals for different types of media outlets and information providers: local or national, small or large teams of employees, different formats (ex. TV, radio, newspaper, online), etc. 

When and Why Does Internews Use the Media-Specific OCA?

The media-specific OCA is best suited for evaluating the capacity and performance changes of media outlets receiving support for an extended period of time (ideally one year or longer) since it is calibrated to detect the larger scale changes that usually come as a result of long-term, intensive technical assistance and mentoring. Usually, Internews conducts annual assessments, although other frequencies can be selected as appropriate and efficient. 

Overall, Internews use this methodology as a media specific and in-depth diagnostic, evaluation, and needs assessment tool, that helps better design and tailor the offered assistance approach and target an outlet’s most urgent priorities.

The media-specific OCA findings help assessed media outlets better understand their own growth and the priority milestones they need to achieve as they progress, as well as the critical components they need to focus on. The tool also helps donors better understand the media landscape and organizational capacity challenges facing media, as well as where to focus their attention.

The Media-Specific Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) methodology cannot be referred to, shared, or used outside Internews or its projects without first contacting Internews’s Global Impact team at [email protected].