Involve Us: An Information Ecosystem Assessment

Information & Participation Dynamics, Desires and Challenges in Sudan’s Tigray Refugee Response

Between February and July 2021, Internews in partnership with Insight Strategy Partners (ISP), conducted an Information Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) in eastern Sudan, exploring the information ecosystem of Ethiopian refugees from Tigray and host communities in Gedaref and Kassala States. The IEA used a COVID-19 safe mixed methods research approach.

Through a combination of interviews, surveys, desk research, and focus group discussions this IEA explores trends of information demand and supply within refugee and host communities. The report analyzes their information access, needs, use, flows, and identifies means of trust and influence within host and refugee communities in eastern Sudan.

The report thus offers a deep understanding of information dynamics and demands of refugees from Tigray and Sudanese host communities. It also identifies entry points for the design and enhancement of humanitarian information, and communication and community engagement (CCE) services for Ethiopian refugees and host communities in Eastern Sudan.

The findings reveal that refugees and host communities’ humanitarian information needs are only partially met. It details why refugees and host communities desire to be more involved in decision making processes of humanitarian agencies, and demand active involvement in humanitarian interventions.