Media Landscape Assessment: West Bank & Gaza

This Media Landscape Assessment (MLA) was conducted by Internews as part of a USAID-funded
project in the West Bank and Gaza, namely the Democratic Leadership Activity. Research activities were
carried out during the height of conflict between Hamas and Israel, following the October 7th attacks.
The overarching objective of the MLA is to develop a thorough understanding of the media consumption
habits among information consumers (i.e., local citizens) and assess the capacities, needs and gaps of
information producers, including media outlets, independent journalists, and relevant stakeholders (e.g.,
civil society and women’s rights organizations). This MLA was conducted with a particular focus on
marginalized groups – namely women and young information consumers, and independent female

About the USAID Democratic Leadership Activity

The Democratic Leadership Activity promotes democratic culture and expands the space for political discourse and meaningful participation among Palestinians, particularly for youth, women, and other marginalized groups. The activity focuses on increasing civic awareness and political engagement among a diversity of stakeholders, improving the ability of emerging and existing leaders to represent citizen interests, and promoting inclusive political and electoral reforms.