Rohingya Needs Assessment and Evaluation

Reports & Surveys
August 12, 2019
Two new reports give insights into the information needs among Rohingya people and the host community; as well as evaluating the contribution that the Common Service is making

An Information Needs Assessment, carried out by Internews in January and February 2019, finds that there is a dramatic increase in the number of refugees who say they now have enough information to make decisions about their daily lives: the percentage jumped from 23% in 2017 to 92% in the recent study. However, large numbers of refugees still report confusion over how to access several services and meet basic needs, with 40% saying they are unsure how to obtain more or better food. 

An evaluation of the common service for community engagement and accountability, carried out by BBC Media Action in April 2019, finds that products and services produced by the Common Service are widely used by practitioners working at different levels within the Rohingya response; are supporting practitioners to communicate with communities more effectively; and that collective feedback approaches have led agencies to adapt the design of their programs in line with the community's views and concerns.

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