Thwarting Disinformation and Provocations Toolkit (French & Creole)

Under Internews guidance, partner Panos Caribbean led the development of the “Décryptage la désinformation et les infox – La boîte à outils” Toolkit. The document is a 15-page paper that provides need-based, context-specific solutions to counter dis/misinformation for a diverse range of media organizations in Haiti. The toolkit also identifies the strongest approaches, channels and content forms to counter disinformation and dangerous speech and provides key approaches to recognize disinformation, decide the best course of action to combat it and monitor the effects of the disinformation correction.

The toolkit is addressed mainly to traditional and digital journalists and communicators. It provides them with techniques to identify and establish the difference between information, dis- and misinformation, and how to decipher dis- and misinformation and understand the phenomenon of deepfakes.

Additionally, in coordination with Internews, Panos produced two short videos explaining a few approaches and concepts described in the Toolkit: