Saving Local Media by Connecting Advertisers

Launched by United for News, a coalition led by Internews, the World Economic Forum, and the global advertising firm Group M, the United for News Inclusion List is the first multi-country effort to focus exclusively on links between deeply local media outlets and advertisers.

“Advertisers want to reach readers on reputable sites – they don’t want ads aligned with malicious content, hate speech, or sock-puppet news sites that don’t deliver original content or capture real audience members,” said Jason Lambert, Senior Director for Media Business at Internews. “At the same time, those reputable news organizations are struggling as never before. Ad revenue can help keep them operable, able to fulfill their vital role informing the public.”

The World Association of Newspapers (WAN-IFRA) and recognized journalism authorities in each country have contributed to the politically agnostic lists, which provide advertisers with a list of brand-safe, trusted local outlets. In the US market, United for News is partnering with the Local Media Consortium and their local news inclusion list project.

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The United for News Inclusion list is based on a principle that purpose-driven advertising is also practical advertising. Most local news organizations have not been included in programmatic ad buys to date. Yet demand for local news, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, has risen more than 30% in many places.

Through the Inclusion List, advertisers can reach targeted audiences centered on local news – and increased revenue for reputable local news outlets could not come at a more crucial time. The widespread decline of local news is devastating for communities – loss of local and investigative work increases corruption, reduces civic engagement, and impairs public health.

“Trusted, local news has never been more important, and the ad-supported Internet is how most people get their news now,” said Lambert. “Helping advertisers make smart placements has been an overlooked approach to saving the news we all need.”

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