Correlation between Poverty and University Enrollment

Kloop Media – This statistical investigation was launched based on the idea that children from poorer families have fewer chances to enroll in a university. Analyzing various factors that influence performance in high school, Savia Hasanova and Arina Aparina have performed a multi-regression analysis to find the correlation between family status, poverty level of the region, and the result of the state exam. They have managed to prove with the data that access to tertiary education is unequal and children from poorer families are in a vulnerable position from the start.

At the end of their piece, the journalists looked for solutions such as offering free materials to help children from poorer regions prepare for examinations or advising parents to increase expenses on education for their children. They also note that more data is needed: there is no single complex assessment of schools in Kyrgyzstan.

The story was viewed more than 6,000 times on Kloop’s website with 109 likes and 53 shares, leading to a discussion among readers, who debated the issue and shared personal stories demonstrating that exceptions exist.