Discrimination in Education against Children with Disabilities

Data story of Kaktus.Media – this story uncovers systematic discrimination against children with disabilities in their access to education in Kyrgyzstan. The journalists looked at the data about the growing number of children with disabilities, disappearing governmental education centers, the absence of private initiatives to create an alternative, and, as a result, the state of despair in which parents of such children find themselves when they are trying to develop their child. These children are further disadvantaged not only because of the limited opportunities to learn, but also because of their isolation from other children.

The main subject of the story, Sabina, a six-year-old girl suffering from epilepsy, can only crawl and is hardly able to communicate with sounds. What is worse, this situation creates a vicious cycle of poverty for the families, as at least one parent must stay at home to take care of the child. In search of a solution, the journalists talked to experts in inclusive education and the article provides some recommendations and addresses for parents in such situations.

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