In Development: ‘Pandemic Generation’ Depicts Life under COVID-19

Inspired by real events, a 10-episode television series will tell intimate stories of the big and small battles with the COVID-19 pandemic in Kyrgyzstan. The dramatic production reflects the personal experiences and turmoil of a disruptive, deadly year.

A woman holds out her hand releasing a small yellow bird
The TV series “Pandemic Generation” depicts life in Kyrgyzstan under COVID-19.

By depicting the personal growth of a diverse cast, the filmmakers provide relatable examples of perseverance and hope.

One episode depicts the events of 2020 through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl, Kunduz, subtly interweaving the global and local challenges of COVID-19 and her family’s migration status with her personal difficulties as she grows up through fear, anxiety, the desire to remain a child, and the need to make serious decisions.

A man films a girl sitting on the grass under a tree
Schoolgirl Aibike Zhanishbekova in the role of Kunduz

“This social drama invites the viewer to experience a transformation and feel the spectrum of emotions of children,” says project manager Zhanna Shegai.


The director of the series, Chyngyz Narynov, is the co-founder and director of Citylab Production Studio. He has directed and produced eight video and documentary films and more than 80 social videos and commercials, and has been a participant and winner of international film festivals such as IDFA, DokumentART, ArtDocFest, and Burbank IFF. His latest work – the film “After the Rain” (a co-production of Citylab Production Studio and Alya Production Coalition, USA) – was honored at the Boston Film Festival, where it won the prize for the best actor and received the Findlings Award from the Association of German Film Critics.

The director of photography, Akzhol Bekbolov, is a film director and producer, and director of the Kyrgyzfilm Studio. He has won multiple awards for his camera work, including the Grand Prix at international festivals in Istanbul and Tehran. He has also received the Arte Prize at the Dresden International Festival.

Internews is supporting the creation of this series as part of the Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) under the USAID Integrated Health Systems IDIQ to counter widespread misinformation and prevent further surges of COVID-19.