Support Journalists in Ukraine

The horrific war in Ukraine has put journalists, content creators, and activists at extreme risk of physical harm or persecution. Invasion forces are targeting media outlets, blowing up broadcast towers, and depriving the Ukrainian people of trustworthy information when they need it most.

Local, independent media not only give a window on what’s happening to galvanize worldwide outrage and support, but they also provide Ukrainians with life-saving information about conflict areas to avoid, where to take shelter and get food, and how to travel safely. 

Internews has worked for nearly 30 years to bolster independent media in Ukraine. We have supported investigative reporting and anti-corruption efforts, the introduction of media literacy in schools, crucial media regulatory reforms, innovations in combatting disinformation, and initiatives to help media outlets become financially sustainable. We will not stand by and watch this progress be reversed.

Join us in supporting Ukrainian journalists and refugees in this time of crisis with: 

  • Safety equipment, including flak jacks, helmets, and first aid kits
  • Immediate relocation assistance and living stipends 
  • Emergency digital consulting to secure social media accounts, servers, and databases
  • Support for media organizations to set up remote operations
  • “News that moves” services that direct refugees to resources
  • Film screenings and entertainment for refugee children

The invasion of Ukraine has created shockwaves that threaten journalists throughout Eurasia. As the crisis unfolds, Internews will also direct emergency support to aid reporters and others at risk across the region.

Your donation supports journalists on the frontlines in Ukraine, outlets providing information to refugees, and other journalists under threat in Eurasia and around the world.