Supercharge Your Storytelling with Data Journalism

Every data represents a story. Examining statistics and applying it in journalism to tell a compelling and objective news story is a valuable skill to have.

In partnership with the European Union, Internews in Malaysia together with Sinar Project and Data-N will organise an exciting Data Journalism Workshop in November.

Register for this free workshop by Friday, 13 November 2020. Only shortlisted participants will be notified.

Story grants worth EUR2,000 each for selected participants upon completion of workshop.

Workshop dates: 20, 21 Nov (Friday, Saturday) 27, 28 Nov 2020 (Friday, Saturday)

Training outcomes

  1. Understand the importance, impacts and latest trends of data journalism.
  2. Able to use data and other quantitative information to generate story ideas, improve current reporting and produce in-depth, engaging content.
  3. Acquire basic skills to find, extract, clean and analyse data with online tools and spreadsheet softwares.
  4. Able to use online visualization tools to present data effectively through charts and maps.


  1. Introduction to data journalism
  2. Kickstart your data-driven project
  3. Working with data
  4. Communicating data with visualization

Who should join?

  1. Journalists who want to adopt a data-driven, research-based methodology in their news investigation and reporting. 
  2. Activists, researchers and those whose major responsibilities include information communication. 
  3. Graphics designers, front-end developers, UX/UI designers who want to venture into journalism or storytelling are welcomed too.

* Although there is no prerequisite, participants are expected to have basic computer skills.

* This is not a workshop on data science, data analysis or analytics.

How will the workshop be conducted?

We believe learning by doing is the best way to gain new skills. That is why our workshop is highly interactive and hands-on. It consists of quizzes, group discussions and step-by-step hands-on exercises on participants’ own laptops using real datasets.

Participants are expected to bring their own story ideas, proposals or datasets into the workshop. The workshop would help them to use those materials to build their own data-driven projects.

The workshop could be conducted in person, online or a mix of both depending on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the trainer

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng is an award-winning digital journalist, data journalism trainer and media consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the founder of Data-N, a training program that helps newsrooms and journalists with limited resources to integrate data journalism into daily reporting. Data-N has helped publications like Foreign Policy, BBC World Service, Mediacorp, Malaysiakini and Tempo to strengthen their storytelling with data, visual and interactive components. With the support of Google Malaysia, he has been conducting regular digital journalism workshops across Malaysia since 2018.

Keng has 15 years of experience in digital journalism. He was a journalist with Malaysiakini for 8 years specializing in investigative and political reporting. In 2013, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to further his study at New York University’s Studio 20, a journalism M.A. program that focuses on new media and digital innovation. In 2015, Keng was selected as a Google Journalism Fellow and subsequently a Tow-Knight Fellow. He has worked in several US newsrooms including NBC, Foreign Policy, and the International Business Times.