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Why Support Internews?

Internews believes everyone deserves trustworthy news and information to make informed decisions about their lives and hold power to account.

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To do this, Internews trains journalists, provides digital security support, and offers business advice to help media outlets thrive. We have worked in over 100 countries, around the world.

Internews relies on support and donations from a variety of trusts, foundations, and corporations to help partners build the skills and capacity they need to reach millions of people with trustworthy information that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and holds institutions accountable.

Rapid Response Partner

A £30,000 donation to help us support newsrooms to be more agile and able to report safely and provide accurate information in response to a disaster-hit community. 

Your funding will help us to:

  • Track rumours to counter the spread of misinformation after a crisis
  • Launch initiatives to deliver information quickly and cost-effectively
  • Foster community dialogues to prevent conflict and address rumours
  • Fund local news outlets to provide live-saving information in local languages
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Most recently, in response to the COVID global pandemic, our Rapid Response Fund provided emergency grants to local journalists around the world. These grants are helping news media meet urgent financial needs and develop content about the pandemic.

Thematic Partner

A £20,000 a year commitment over three years to a core issue in which Internews supports journalists.

With your support we can provide grants to journalists in over 100 countries around the world in many different languages to provide millions of people with accurate information on some of the biggest issues of our time and ignite conversation:

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Climate Change

Our Earth Journalism Network helps journalists from low-income countries to cover the environment more effectively and in the face of growing threats. We connect local reporters to the international community, offer workshops and training materials, fellowship programs and small reporting grants, and support news production. 

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Public health reporting harnesses all the tools of journalism to help people make healthy choices about thorny cultural issues and long-term health concerns that are an ongoing threat to development.  We provide support on reporting of epidemics and pandemics like COVID 19, during natural disasters and in conflict settings. 

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Our unique in-house Global Tech Hub provides partners with vital access to software and resources to ensure the security of their technology and protect the information provided to their communities. We also provide training to address mis- and disinformation and offer digital safety training, including a specialised programme for women. 

Trust Partner

£10,000 per year to support us in providing trustworthy information around the world by training journalists.

Your support as a trust partner will help us train journalists to cover a wide variety of issues, develop innovative online news sites and support local content including ground-breaking investigative reports.

From radio stations in refugee camps, to hyper-local news outlets, to filmmakers and technologists, your support will help us to train journalists and digital rights activists, and offer business expertise to media outlets. Your support will also help us to ensure that all investigations and reporting will be not only accurate, but also of high quality. 

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Without Internews correspondents, it would not have been possible for us to reach all refugee camps at one time. They helped us in collecting information about our gaps and also in educating the community about health.” — Mohamed Galgalo, Area Coordinator, Yida – South Sudan, Action Africa Help International (AAH-I)


  • Annual webinars or employee informational sessions with an Internews thematic expert or journalist sharing their experiences and findings on how we tackle disinformation and misinformation on a variety of topics in some of the most dangerous places in the world.
  • young women seated in a row in a tentA platform to highlight your support and gain profile with key audiences as a supporter of journalists around the globe
  • Named credit and logo on our website recognising you as a key supporter
  • Recognition in our annual reports
  • Tailored quarterly updates on impact stories, upcoming and ongoing projects and programme