Tender: Regional Research into the Problem of Radicalisation Leading to Violent Extremism in Central Asia

The goal of the research: explore the meanings, ideas, and attitudes generated and communicated offline and online by violent groups within local communities of the Central Asian region.
To achieve the above objectives, the following methodology is proposed:

  1. Desk study
  2. Content analysis of narratives spread though social media
  3. Field study (quantitative survey)
  4. Communication strategies to respond to radical messaging on traditional media, social networks, as well as offline and community activities.

Timeline: February 1 – September 15, 2020.
To submit a tender proposal:

  1. Review Letter of invitation to tender and terms of reference (Annex 4a, 4c)
  2. Fill in and enclose Quote proposal template (Annex 4b)
  3. Sign and enclose the Code of Conduct for Suppliers (Annex A on page 3 of Annex 4b)
  4. Sign and enclose the Bidder Declaration Form (Annex A on page 4 of Annex 4b)
  5. Review, fill in and enclose the pro-forma contract (Annex 9)
  6. Enclose copy of your company’s registration certificate.

Please send all required documents to e-mail: [email protected] with the subject “response to Tender PR-4180-1-002” by 6 pm (Bishkek time) December 27, 2019.

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