February 2023

Oksana Romaniuk
Danylo Mokryk
Andrii Dikhtiarenko

Ukranian Press on the Frontlines of the War with Russia

Internews President Jeanne Bourgault sits down with three Ukrainian reporters and media professionals this discuss a year of immense loss, violence, and resilience – and learn more about how the free Ukrainian press is protecting truth and hope. 


  • Oksana Romaniuk, the leader of Ukraine’s Institute of Mass Information
  • Danylo Mokryk, corruption investigator and war crimes reporter at Bihus
  • Andrii Dikhtiarenko, manager at Realna Gazeta, editor at the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster, and TV anchor

Join us each month as we go behind-the-scenes exploring stories from journalists operating in conflict zones, emerging democracies, and humanitarian crises as they deliver trustworthy information to communities that need it most.