Workshops and Grants Help Journalists in Asia Understand and Share Environmental Information

EJN Awards Grants to 14 Asian Organizations Focused on Expanding Access to Environmental Information

EJN has selected 14 organizations as recipients of its annual media grants supported by our Asia-Pacific and Bay of Bengal projects. The competitive grant program is an opportunity for media, civil society organizations and academic institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific to think critically and creatively about how to build local resources for reporting and information exchange around climate change, natural resource management and the environment. Read more>>

Media Grantees’ Activities Help Strengthen Environmental Reporting in Asia and the Pacific

From the start of EJN’s Asia-Pacific project in late 2017 to the end of 2018, we have provided grants to 16 organizations to implement projects that aim to strengthen local coverage of climate change and other socio-environmental issues. The project has also awarded dozens of grants, including special project’s grants, to individual journalists across the region to develop stories that focus on the impacts of environmental change. Read more>>

Sri Lankan Journalist’s Reporting Helps Bring an End to Deforestation

EJN member journalist Prasanna Cooray’s stories exploring the destruction of forest reserves in parts of Sri Lanka got communities talking and raised awareness among local and national officials. The deforestation in these areas has since ceased, something community members say is due in part to Cooray’s reporting. Read more>>

Media Workshop in India Informs Reporters About Climate Change, Vulnerable Communities

With record high temperatures forecast across South Asia and exacerbated by the impacts of climate change, the impact on vulnerable communities living along the Bay of Bengal are predicted to be more severe than ever. To better understand the challenges facing coastal residents, a dozen journalists from the Bay of Bengal region attended a three-day workshop in late February in Visakhapatnam, the largest coastal city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, supported by EJN. Read more>>

Bay of Bengal Project Builds Support for Resilience-Centered Reporting

EJN started its Bay of Bengal Resiliency Reporting Initiative with the goal of improving understanding and dissemination of environmental issues in the region. Its Year 1 grantees represent a mix of local and international media, and they have covered a broad range of issues, from what a severe water shortage in eastern India means for women responsible for this vital resource, to how the tourism industry and related businesses are coping with increasing water salinity and threats of natural disasters along the coast. Read more>>

EJN Hosts Webinar Series to Enhance Reporting on Climate Change and Agriculture

What problems currently impact food production? How can agricultural activities result in lower greenhouse gas emissions while also being productive enough to feed a growing global population? These questions and more were discussed during three recent webinars aimed at helping journalists from around the world better cover the impacts of climate change on agriculture and food systems. Read more>>

Harnessing the power of on-the-spot media to achieve change

An article from Global Geneva, focusing on EJN’s Third Pole project in the Himalayas, discusses how credible journalist initiatives are increasingly playing a crucial role of informing the public. Read more>>