Paper notices tacked on to a message board in Ukraine

How ‘Generation Z’ is Shaping Ukraine’s Media Landscape

March 15, 2016
By Daniel Bruce

Hyperbole, disinformation, propaganda. Three words that have defined the media landscape in Ukraine for many years. However, Internews now has evidence that Ukrainian attitudes towards both domestic and Russian journalism are changing and that Generation Z, those born since the year 2000, could be powering that change.

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Men are painting on the outside wall of a building. In large letters below them, are the words “#Alerta Machitroll.”

Online Violence Against Women: A Global Issue

February 17, 2016
By Jeanne Bourgault

The rise of the internet and social media brings with it new platforms for freedom of expression. While the upside is clear, in this piece Internews president Jeanne Bourgault explores how women in many countries are being driven away from the online space because of harassment and threats of violence.

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A woman cleaning utensils in Upper Mustang.

The Himalayan Ticking Time Bomb

January 20, 2016
By Jennifer Cobb

In her two years as a journalist, Ayesha Shakya has witnessed the effects of climate change in remote parts of the Himalayas first hand. Whether it is melting glacial lakes or erratic rainfall, Ayesha’s multimedia journalism helps us understand that it is Nepal’s most marginalized communities who are worst affected.

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