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Can you stop a rumor?

August 11, 2015
By Alison Campbell

In Nepal, a band of local volunteers are trying — with SMS, radio, the Internet, and old fashioned door-to-door reporting.

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Several journalists interview a woman

“C” before ABC — an Alphabet for HIV Prevention

July 29, 2015
By Ida Jooste

With regard to AIDS: “When people can read about it and hear it on the radio, it becomes a discussion point. They may not agree at first, but at least it becomes a normal part of life. Good media stories take the stigma away.”

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boys on swings outside an apartment building

Shooting Together

June 26, 2015
By Chris Benevento

The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended before today’s high school students were born, but divides still shape them. In photography, they find a chance to connect.

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A man in Nepal listens to a portable radio

Rebuilding, with Radio

June 11, 2015
By Manisha Aryal

In Nepal, radio can help make post-earthquake relief and recovery aid more transparent, accountable and responsive — but humanitarian organizations have to engage with local media.

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