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At Internews, we create global change by uplifting local voices. We do this by fostering Belonging, Dignity, and Justice in our work and culture. 

These are our guiding principles: 


Internews staff, partners, and the communities we serve all over the world should be treated as kindred members of our global, multicultural community. Icon of two people with big hearts.
To do this, we place understanding, rapport-building, and connection first to ensure that our people feel good around each other.


Internews works in partnership with the communities we serve, the people best placed to know what works.

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To do this, we will respect and honor their lived experience and perspectives and elevate their voices.


Internews works to repair the information sector landscape when it is harmed.
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To do this, our work involves supporting the information sector to evolve and be more inclusive and representative of the communities they serve.

Internewsers help people to effect positive change in the communities in which they live.

We support independent media in 100 countries and we’ve helped our partners reach millions of people with quality, local information that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and holds institutions accountable. 

We believe that diverse teams are strong teams and Internewsers are as diverse as the programs and countries in which they work. Some are former journalists, some manage programs, others support our business operations. Our global team includes a mix of genders, parents, and non-parents, and people of multiple races, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations, socio-economic backgrounds and life experiences. We work to ensure that our staff voices are as diverse as the partners we work with across the globe, ensuring that all perspectives matter. There is a plethora of opportunities around the world and our common bond is that we all share the same commitment to providing individuals with the opportunity to be heard.  

We commit to ensuring our people and partners genuinely have the opportunity to thrive. 


At Internews, almost every position gives you the choice of being fully in office, fully, remote, or hybrid. We trust you to do what works for you. 

We offer competitive salaries, and our full-time positions offer generous Paid Time Off packages with vacation, sick days and holidays. US HQ staff can also choose to use their holiday days for culturally relevant holidays instead of the typical federal days.  


Working with Internews can take you around the world. With programs in nearly 20 countries, Internews offers opportunities to grow within the organization, and to learn from the diverse experience of our domestic and international staff. 

We encourage Internewsers to move within Internews to find their passion. Many of our staff experience career growth while at Internews. Within Internews, there is also the opportunity to get involved in various working groups and apply for new opportunities across the organization. 


We have been working for nearly 40 years with local partners to build hundreds of sustainable organizations, strengthened the capacity of thousands of media professionals, human rights activists, and information entrepreneurs, and reached millions of people with quality, local information, improving lives and building lasting change. 

We monitor, evaluate, research, and learn from our projects too! Internews has a set of core methods which have been tried and tested on many projects, and we continue to design and develop new methods to meet the world’s changing needs​​​. This matters to us because it helps us track the quality of project implementation and assess whether our programs deliver the change envisioned – the impact.  

Once an Internewser, Always an Internewser 

We build lasting partnerships. This means for our team members as well. We are proud of the fact that every year we see several former employees rejoining Internews. In addition to rejoining Internews, many of our previous staff members continue their work in the international development sector and are often future partners or allies in many of our projects across the globe. The need for this work is ever growing in the world and Internews is often a place that sets future change makers in motion.  


Part of belonging, dignity, and justice is that we take ethics seriously. If you believe you will have a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest (e.g., have a competing business or are the spouse of a current Internewser), please state it in the application process.

Are YOU an Internewser? We invite you to explore our current opportunities.