Letter of Invitation to Tender: Procurement of Broadcast Equipment

Date of issue: December 26, 2022
Deadline for submission of Tender: January 15, 2023, 5:00 pm, GMT

I. Summary:

Internews Liberia implements a five-year USAID-funded Media Activity project designed to enhance the human and institutional capacity of the media while advocating for and maintaining current media freedoms to reliably carry out responsible journalism, drive reforms, and increase revenue, to expand Liberians’ engagement with government and increasing accountability. A key component of the project is to ensure organizational and financial sustainability of community radio stations improved.

Internews Liberia therefore invites eligible vendors to submit quotations for broadcast equipment for its community radio partners in Liberia. Internews invites tenders to be submitted via email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected], or in person at the Internews in Liberia office, Coleman Avenue, between 19th and 20th Streets, Sinkor, Monrovia – Liberia by January 15, 2023, 5:00 pm (GMT).

All questions regarding this Tender should be directed via email to the address [email protected]  at the latest 7 calendar days before the deadline for submission of tenders following reference in subject: Procurement of LMA Broadcast Equipment Question. Clarifications will be made in the responses via email.

II. Instructions to Respondents:

Size of the package submitted must not exceed 5 MB. The subject line must include the words “Response to Procurement of Broadcast Equipment.” The Tender documents must be attached in pdf format files. Respondents must not submit zipped files. You must include a list of attached documents in the body of email. If more than one message is required to transmit the Tender documents, each message must be identified as part of a multi-part submission. (E.g. “message 1 of 3”)  

Tender must clearly identify all services/goods proposed, price per unit for each good, number of units, and payment terms for all payments (including taxes and/or discounts that should be clearly identified in the calculation of price). Tenders must meet the requirements of this Call in full; otherwise, they will not be considered.

Any element of the Tender containing confidential or proprietary information must be clearly marked so within the Tender.

Internews will acknowledge the receipt of your tender within 3 working days. If you do not receive the receipt, it is your responsibility ensuring and confirming that Internews has received the Tender. Internews will reject tenders submitted after the deadline.

Respondents shall submit their Tender in USD. The contract will be concluded in this currency and the payment for goods/services supplied rendered to Internews will be made in this currency too. Internews will not compensate any foreign currency exchange losses.

III. Description of goods to be purchased and services

Internews seeks to establish a reliable source of supply of the listed broadcast equipment items, which comply with required quality standards. The table below contains the List of the required goods and services, the technical specifications that must be met by the equipment configured for this tender. The equipment proposed in response to this tender must be brand new, not used, repaired, refurbished or rehabilitated. Companies can send a quotation for one or more lots. Technical specifications should not be below the specifications stated here:

Transmitter 1000wTEM Opera Plus Stereo Mono MPX Transmitter-(87.5-108 MHz) + TEM RDS Coder Card- RDS software1
FM Transmitter 500wTEM Opera Plus Stereo Mono MPX Transmitter-(87.5-108 MHz) + TEM RDS Coder Card- RDS software2
FM Transmitter 300wTEM Opera Plus 300W FM Stereo Mono MPX Transmitter +RDS Coder2
FM Transmitter 30w(Teko Axon)2
FM Dipole Antenna AKG/1N (N-con 800W)10
FM Dipole Antenna (7/16 conn.)   (Steel, WB, 2kW, Conn 7/16″6
RF Power Divider  2 out, 1 step, Conn. IN/OUT “N” max. 800w) + Clamp7
RF Power Divider- 4way  (4 out, 1 step, Conn. IN/OUT “N” max. 800w) +Clamp1
Power Divider –2way
(2 out, 7/16 in, 7/16 out. – max 2000w) +Clamp3
Inter-bay Cable-RG  RG-213, (2.5m, N conn. )10
Inter-bay Cable-RG  RG-213, (5.5m, N conn. )2
Inter-bay Cable- 1/2”  (2.5m, 7/16 conn.)8
Inter-bay Cable- 1/2”  (7.5m, 7/16 conn.)2
Inter-bay Cable- 1/2”(5.5m, 7/16 conn.)2
Antenna feeder cable 1/2”  100m meter antenna feeder cable. (No connector attached)4
Cable Grounding kit For (1/2″ feeder Cable)18
Cable Grounding kitFor ((7/8″ feeder Cable)7
Mixing Console-(Airmate-8 USB)20
Headphone –(Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Pro)  100
Microphone (SM58-LCE)- Shure microphone vocal22
FM Tuner(Denon DN-300Z MKII)3
FM Tuner antenna,(Triax-3 element f-conn. + 20m feeder cable to match the Denon Rx. & Triax-3 Antenna3
Microphone Pro.(AT-BP40)4
Microphone Stand  Boom arm (Rode PSA-1)10
Mic FoamWindscreen Ball (set of 5pcs, grn.Blu, rd, yllw, blk)-shure mic8
Microphone Stand pro.Boom Arm-(Yellow Tec m!ka Microphone Arm M black + table through mount support)4
Microphone Tabletop Stand     (Røde DS1)8
Headphone Amplifier-  (4 channels- Millennium HA)14
Studio Monitor/speaker(Mackie CR3) set16
Telephone Hybrid(GSM gateway Dial 103A)  9
Lightning Surge protector Device (1P+N, 30-60KA, max. 275V) 25
Antenna AnalyzerRig Expert AA-230ZOOM Bluetooth Graphic Antenna Analyzer0,1-230MHz, N-type, RE-AA230ZOOM-BT1
Dummy AntennaMicroset CF 800 50Ω Antenna Dummy Load 800-900W1
Earth/Ground testerChauvin Arnoux C.A 6416 earth clamps for earth-loop resistance measurements-large measurement range: 1,500-ohm/ 50uH/401
Digital multimeterFluke 117 Handheld multimeter Digital CAT III 600 V Display (counts): 60001
Hot air Rework station(3-in-1) Aoyue 968A+ Professional SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station with a Soldering Iron and Vacuum Pickup-1
WorkstationAven 2-in-1 Soldering / Desoldering Station1
RF Connector-NRF connector N type male for ½” cable14
RF Connector-RG213Connector Male for cable RG213 Type N18
RF AdaptorAdapter N female to N female jack straight rf coaxial connectors N adaptor12
RF ConnectorConnector 7/16” male for ½” cable4
RF ConnectorConnector 7/16” male for RG213 cable4
RF ConnectorEIA Flange 7/8″ with inner for 7/8 Cable2
RF cableRG213 50 OHM COAX CABLE-(40m)1
Mic cableProcab Mic cable 2×0,125mm/2 black dia 3,5mm, 100m4
RCA Cablestandard Phono/RCA cable-10m- 2 x RCA phono male til 2 x RCA phono male20
Stereo jackMini jack stick Ningbo, metal housing20
RCA JackRCA phono stick-black housing, black mark20
Stereo JackNeutrik, NP3X, Jack stick stereo 6,3mm, slim version for cable 3-7mm25
Mono JackNeutrik, NP2X, Jack stick mono, slim version25
XLR Connector-maleNeutrik NC3MXX XLR Male cable connector, nickel45
XLR Connector-femaleNeutrik NC3FXX XLR Female cable connector nickel45
AUDIO input board spare VR SP-MBD175A – audio input board for 1,3-3,5kw S/N 1501024, Model TEX2000LIGHT2
Integrated Circuit Dateq THAT-1646-D8 Balanced Output driver, equivalent SSM2141-D810
Power SupplyRVR SPARE PART RV-KPSL1000/PJ1K Power Supply 704096, Model #: TEX 1300LCD1
Power SupplyRVR, S/N: 1501024 Model #: TEX2000LIGHT (PA 48v DC power supply)1
Installation Tools KitInclude: hammer, spanners set, screwdrivers set, Allen keys set, Pliers set, Digital multimeter (Fluke 113 handsfree CAT III 600 V counts:6000), Sprotek STK-281453
Weatherproof tapeWeatherproofing scotch tape for antenna, (Coax Seal Moisture Proof Sealing Tape 4″ x 12 ft. Pro Pack)4

The delivery location for the items described is Monrovia, Republic of Liberia.

IV. Timeline:

Internews anticipates executing a contract with the winning respondent, on or about February 2, 2023.

In order to accommodate the transitory nature of Internews’ grant funding, all contracts will include a clause providing for early termination upon 30-days’ notice to the vendor. Tender must offer pricing and terms consistent with this condition.

V. Submission Requirements:

Respondent(s) must meet the following minimal requirements:

  • Include a signature page which bears the signature, title and full contact information of the authorized representative of the respondent, including email address and phone number. E-signatures are accepted.
  • Respondent(s) must include a written declaration which is part of the Quote Proposal that their Tender is valid for 30 calendar days from the deadline for submission.
  • State respondent’s qualifications and experience for providing the goods and/or services as described in this Tender. Include three references and contact information for whom the respondent provided similar services.
  • Respondent(s) must include copies of the company’s registration documents to confirm that they are duly registered and comply with the necessary legal requirements to supply goods/services under this Tender. If applicable, a copy of the required licenses must be provided to Internews.
  • It is required that Respondents submit a signed Declaration of Supplier and Code of Conduct (forms provided in the attachment to the Quote Proposal), signed by an authorized representative.

The equipment proposed in response to this Invitation must be brand new, not used, repaired, refurbished, or rehabilitated. Technical specifications should not be below the specifications stated in the Invitation.

Warranty specifications must be presented in the proposal for all equipment items.  The Respondent must offer all necessary cables, adapters, modules and accessories that are necessary to put into production the multimedia facility equipment that is subject of this Invitation and technical specification.

Respondents must clearly include all services/goods proposed, price per unit for each good, number of units, and payment terms for all payments (including taxes and/or discounts that should be clearly included in the calculation of price). Prices must include all costs incidental to the performance of the Services, as incurred by the Respondent, such as warranty, delivery, travel, changing broken units, etc.

Respondent must ensure that all equipment and services will be ready for handover within 30-45 calendar days from the confirmation of order/contract signed. Each respondent is expected to provide an estimate (in calendar days) of the delivery timeframe (after order receipt) but should not be longer than 45 calendar days.

The selected Respondent deliver the equipment to Internews Liberia Office on date agreed with Internews (on or before March 1, 2023 estimated deadline);

Respondent(s) may include additional documentation relevant to tender’s requirements to support their Tender. Internews will endeavor to evaluate eligibility of these documents as per Tender requirements.

To submit a tender proposal:

  1. Review Letter of invitation to tender and Request for Proposal 
  2. Enclose copy of your company’s registration certificate
  3. Copy of the required licenses, if applicable.
  4. Submit via email to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected], or in person at the Internews in Liberia office, Coleman Avenue, between 19th and 20th Streets, Sinkor, Monrovia