Strategic Approaches


Good Information

Internews defines good information as anything that is firmly rooted in facts and evidence and is intended to enrich and improve lives. Recognizing that everyone has the potential to be producers and sharers of information, we still assert that good information is rooted in the fundamental principles and practices of independent journalism: truth, accuracy, fairness, inclusion, transparency, and accountability.


Safe Access

True access means that everyone, everywhere can safely get the locally relevant information they need from diverse sources, in languages they understand. To reduce the access divide, Internews prioritizes information-vulnerable populations.


Critical Assessment

Internews strives to ensure that people are able to sift through the noise of disinformation and misinformation to find the good information they need to make informed choices. People need the skills to engage with and critically assess the information they are consuming.


Strong Business Models

The past decade has seen a precipitous drop in the viability of the news business in every corner of the world. In addition to providing resources, tools, and peer-to-peer mentoring to the business side of news, Internews is advancing strategies designed to create financially viable, resilient media, including mentoring publishers’ business teams, offering leadership training, developing strategies for audience-led content, nurturing startups, creating industrywide alliances, and providing technology upgrades to partners.


Accountable Institutions

We work to hold businesses and platforms accountable in recognizing and upholding their responsibilities to independent media and freedom of expression. Recognizing that laws, existing and new, are actively being used to arrest or hinder journalists and other content creators, we work to address the ever-increasing physical and digital security threats facing the journalists, cultural producers, technologists, and others risking their lives to bring information to their communities.

Impact: Journalist Safety & Security

To play their vital watchdog role in society, journalists need the skills and training to keep themselves safe from digital and physical threats.

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