Barriers and Bridges: Communication and Information Exchange with Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Executive Summary and Recommendations

Six months into the Russia-Ukraine war, refugees in Romania are still struggling to access timely, relevant and actionable information about their rights and the services available to them. Internews partnered with the Centre for Independent Journalism in Romania to understand the information priorities refugees have and the barriers they are currently facing.

More than 13 million people have been displaced by the war in Ukraine in the last six months, with 1.6 million refugees entering Romania since February. As of August 2022, more than 87 thousand people are still seeking shelter in Romania with the support of the Government, and partners including civil society, the private sector, volunteers, and international aid organisations.

And while there has been an extraordinarily swift response to create services to support these newly arrived communities, information and communication challenges have hampered their effectiveness.

See here the Executive Summary for this research. We will share the full research paper, in English, Romanian and Ukrainian in late September 2022. 

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