Conflict Reporting in Azerbaijan- and Armenian-Language Regional Media and Other Media Outlets

This report reflects the results of media content monitoring to analyze conflict coverage by Azerbaijani- and Armenian-language regional platforms. In addition, the report incorporates conflict-related qualitative data acquired from specific Russian- and Georgian-language Facebook accounts.

The study aims to identify the degree of media’s adherence to professional standards of conflict reporting and the potential spread of disinformation and hate speech.

The study applied a mixed methodology – namely, Internews’ conflict coverage assessment methodology, which relies on quantitative and qualitative methods and was adapted for use in the context of Georgia. The study has also utilized the Facebook analytics tool CrowdTangle for social media monitoring.

The introductory section covers the research methodology and key findings; the first part provides general quantitative data; the second part provides the assessment of reporting quality and professionalism; the third part assesses conflict-sensitive reporting; the fourth part is about crossing “the red lines” in conflict reporting; the fifth part includes examples of manipulation with religious sentiments; and the sixth part provides an illustration of a specific case of manipulation. The seventh part outlines conflict-related narratives shared by Russian- and Georgian-language Facebook platforms.

In addition, the annex provides the profiles of media outlets sampled for monitoring.