Tabletop Exercise Scenarios and Facilitation Guide for Digital Safety Training for Journalists

Tabletop exercises (TTXs) are a valuable scenario-based training tool, which can make digital safety training more engaging and interactive. These resources include a guide on designing and facilitating TTXs as a digital safety training method, as well as a set of digital safety focused TTX scenarios, which may be used by anyone to enhance digital security training. Within these guides, you will find brief explanations of what is a TTX, why TTXs can be valuable supplements to digital safety trainings, and how one can develop, plan, and facilitate TTXs.

The scenarios included with this guide were co-developed with journalists in Central and Southeastern Europe as part of the Internews Journalist Security Fellowship (JSF) project and were used in trainings conducted by JSF fellows in the region. 

These guides were developed specifically with digital safety for journalists and newsrooms in mind, but they may be useful for planning TTXs for other target audiences as well.

Please note that the English version has 11 TTXs and the Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, and Polish versions have five.