Improving the quality and quantity of environmental reporting worldwide

Internews initially developed the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) in 2004 to enable journalists from developing countries to cover the environment more effectively. We are now a truly global network working with reporters and media outlets in virtually every region of the world.

In our mission to improve the quantity and quality of environmental reporting, EJN trains journalists to cover a wide variety of issues, develops innovative online environmental news sites and produces content for local media – including ground-breaking investigative reports. We also establish networks of environmental journalists in countries where they don’t exist and build their capacity where they do. We do so through workshops and the development of training materials and by offering Fellowship programs, grants to media organizations, story stipends, and support for story production and distribution. Watch the video to learn more about our work.

The Earth Journalism Network is home to a professional community of environmental journalists organized at the global, regional and local level and brought together by an affinity for environmental reporting. EJN’s staff manages global initiatives and collaborates with network members on projects providing support to local journalists. Some of our current work looks at the intersection between climate change and health, community resilience to climate change around the Bay of Bengal, the illegal wildlife trade, ocean health, conservation in East Africa and a host of environmental challenges across the Asia-Pacific region.

The network includes 13,000+ member journalists from 180+ countries. More than 8,000 journalists have been trained, producing 11,500+ stories on the environment and reaching an audience of millions.